Inspired by the optimism and promise of the Belle Époque, The Marmorosch Hotel has reinvented the classic art of fine living with an exciting touch of modernity.

Housed in the former building of Romania's most influential l bank during the late 19th century, The Marmorosch Hotel is the perfect venue for reliving history.

Experience the high life of old in our exquisite rooms, taste Romania’s rich culinary scene, enjoy cocktail wizardry in the authentic ‘bank vault’ bar, and uncover Bucharest's hidden gems. Or simply unwind in the spa.

Wherever you choose to invest your time – the Discovery of grandeur awaits.



Influenced by the Art Deco style, the lavish suites of The Marmorosch seamlessly blend authentic details, sophisticated artwork, and modern design into an unforgettable experience of unrivaled comfort and luxury.

Our utmost attention to decorative details, facilities and aptitude for service allows you to become a vital part of Bucharest's golden age.

Here at The Marmorosch, opulence
is not a choice – it is a fact of life.

Rooms and Suites

The Art of Living Redefined.

Silver Rooms

Subtle comfort and inspiring design that blends the hotel’s history with a touch of modernity, the interior of the Silver Rooms lets the guests experience the very art of fine living.
Silver Rooms

Gold King Rooms

With its extra space, modern amenities, and exceptional aesthetical appeal, Gold King Room is perfect for reliving the history and enjoying a memorable stay.
Gold King Rooms

Heritage Rooms

Wrapped in modern functional design and adorned in authentic Art Deco details, the interior of the Heritage rooms lets its guests experience the opulent lifestyle of the Belle Époque.
Heritage Rooms

Platinum Suite

The spacious and glamorous Platinum Suite perfectly reflects the spirit of The Marmorosch Hotel and combines a meticulous approach to interior design with untouched historic décor details.
Platinum Suite

Marmorosch Palace Suite

Marmarosch Palace Suite is an excellent choice for leisure and business travelers seeking the pleasure of a restful and comfortable stay with a touch of opulence. The room features a generous living area, built-in fireplace and spacious dining area.
Marmorosch Palace Suite

Earn. Redeem. Experience.

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Marmorosch Golden Coin

Immerse yourself in the thrilling history of the hotel and explore its banking roots by acquiring a rare collector’s value item – a personalized Marmarosch golden coin inscribed with your name. Commemorate your stay and become a part of Marmarosch history.

Inquire at the front desk to begin creating your very own golden coin collection.

A gem of an adventure for your treasury of experiences.

Golden Coin

Blank Restaurant

Our Belle Epoque-inspired cuisine offers a taste of the vibrant 19th-century Bucharest restaurant scene and Romanian gastronomic traditions, coupled with contemporary fine-dining ingenuity.

Revel in elegant and heartwarming dishes, explore our bountiful collection of wines, and bathe in the energetic atmosphere of our Bouchon-style restaurant.

Here's to a gourmet culinary story
– served to you in style.


Bar and Lounge

Meet the world’s people in the Blank Bar and Lounge. Located in the Grand Library, there is never a dull moment in this grandiose venue.

Innovative bar snacks or the best afternoon tea traditions, come and live large!

Remember: the world revolves around you.

The Vault

The Marmorosch’s speak-easy bar is situated in an old bank vault that once stored the treasures – and secrets – of the powerful.

While sampling our signature cocktails you can relive this history.

Only the best stories are worth depositing.
Time to write yours.


Meetings and Events

The Mamrorosch is the perfect place to host a pivotal business meeting or important event. The Hotel's conference and meeting rooms are carefully designed to suit whatever needs your enterprise might have.

We boast numerous ways to gather in style.
Achieving success comes easy with us.



In need of some pampering? Rejuvenate body and mind in our Spa. It is specially designed for ultimate relaxation, with signature Spa treatments, wellness programs, and beauty packages. Unwinding royally, in short.

There is no such thing as loving yourself too much.



A stone’s throw from the heart of Bucharest's Old Town, The Marmorosch Hotel is at the epicenter of local cultural life. Cute boutiques, cozy restaurants, inspiring architecture, and vibrant cafes – the possibilities are endless.

Bucharest is full of hidden stories waiting to be discovered. Explore the city's rich historical venues, hunt missing Romanian treasure, or dance. The art, gastronomy, and mysteries of the ‘Little Paris of the East’ are waiting to be uncovered.

Choose adventure. Not things.

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